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Boondi Treats

We love trying snacks from other countries and saw some delicious looking Boondi Ladoo. Of course we had to gather the ingredients to make some. We ordered some boondi off of Amazon so we were ready to go. As the norm, we gave them a little taste to understand the flavor. Right away, these little balls of wonder were addictive. Well, as life often goes, things got crazy and the boondi remained in the pantry with a little nibble here and there. Then, one afternoon, we needed a quick sweet snack for a party. After scouring the pantry, we found some leftover marshmallows and... the boondi. This is by no means boondi ladoo but still oh so amazing. They were devoured in minutes and our family requested we never return to regular krispie treats. You will see them on our Christmas treat table moving forward. We will still be trying traditional boondi ladoo, we will just make certain we have the time to complete when the boondi is delieverd. Otherwise, the bag will disapper simply as a snack.

INGREDIENTS 6 c boondi 3 T butter 10 oz marshamallows

DIRECTIONS 1. Heat butter and marshmallows in microwave for two minutes, stir and add back to microwave in 1 minute increments until fully melted and combined. 2. Stir in boondi. Roll into balls and garnish with anything you prefer. Enjoy!

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