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Honey Tequila Shrimp

Tequila, while a great spirit for drinking, is a wonderful flavor addition when cooking. Today is National Tequila Day and we decided to celebrate with some honey-tequila shrimp. We served ours over some chiliquiles, and drizzled some chipotle crema, but they would be just as delicious over some rice, or even on their own. The brightness of the tequila and lime make these perfect for the warm summer days. You do not want to add the shrimp to the sauce beforehand and definitely do not want to marinate. The lime will cook the shrimp ceviche style and keep you from achieving the beautiful seared color.

INGREDIENTS Sauce: Juice of 1 lime 2 oz tequila 2 oz honey 1/4 t ground ancho chile 1 clove garlic, mince 1/4 c cilantro 1 # shrimp

DIRECTIONS Mix sauce ingredients together. In hot cast iron skillet, add sauce and let cook down slightly. Add shrimp until cooked through (pink). Top with cilantro and enjoy.

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