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Salmon Tacos

Salmon Tacos. There doesn't seem to be any recipe that won't adapt to having salmon as the protein. If you have been following us for any length of time, you surely know that we love salmon. I mean, what's not to love. Not only is it amazingly tasty, it is a nutritional powerhouse.

We inhaled these tacos way to fast and sat forlornly staring at our empty plates. We have since recreated them time and time again with the same amazing results. We simply love these tacos that much. The salmon has a light spice, and it couples very well with the tang of pickled onions and the creamy hot spice of the sauce. We chose to grill the salmon but this recipe would work well with baked salmon or even salmon cooked in a cast iron skillet. We promise, you will not be disappointed!

INGREDIENTS 1# salmon filet 1 t cumin 1 t garlic powder 1 t ancho chile powder 1 t onion powder 1 t salt 2 c oil 8 corn tortillas 1 c sour cream 2 T chipotle sauce shredded lettuce pickled onion DIRECTIONS 1. Season salmon with cumin, garlic powder, ancho chile powder, onion powder, and salt. Cook on preheated grill until done ( around 12-15 minutes). 2. Heat oil in medium skillet until 350. With tongs, dip tortillas in hot oil, bending in middle, frying one side at a time. 3. Mix sour cream and chipotle sauce thoroughly. 4. Assemble taco's add salmon to taco shell and top with shredded lettuce and pickled onion (to taste). Drizzle with chipotle sauce.

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