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Sea Bass with Olive and Tomatoes

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Fish is perfect for warmer weather, a nice light meal that won’t weigh you down. Living in Phoenix, about 70% of our year feels like summer, so we add fish to the menu as much as possible.

Sea bass is one of our favorites, the fish is not overpowering in taste but still so rich. With eco-friendly sustainable options, we are excited to bring this fish back to our plates. Keep in mind it is a high mercury fish and as such should be limited to no more that two servings per month.

INGREDIENTS 1 c olive trio 1 c cherry tomatoes 2 T fresh marjoram 1 T fresh oregano 1 T fresh basil 1 T herbs de provence olive oil 1 # sea bass, cut into 4oz portions salt pepper olive oil

DIRECTIONS For olive topping: Halve olives and tomatoes and add to medium bowl. Chop fresh herbs and add to tomatoes and olives. Cook olive mixture on low until soft, set aside. For Sea Bass: Heat olive oil in cast iron skillet. Season fish with salt and pepper, cook approximately 4 minutes each side until done. It is important to not touch the fish while cooking. The fish will easily release from the pan when done. Serve fish with olive topping spooned over top.

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