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Smoked Salmon

We love to smoke salmon. It's quick and easy and such a versatile item to have on hand. We use it to make our Smoked Salmon Rueben, Salmon Chopped Salad and Salmon and Caviar Pizza (coming soon). I grab it to add to eggs and toast for breakfast, throw it on cucumbers with cream cheese for a snack or just pick at it straight from the fridge. We try to keep some on hand at all times.

Making the salmon just became even easier since we found this APB rub by @saucylukes. We are really picky with our rubs and almost always prefer to make our own, until we found this. Most rubs are too sweet and are lacking in real flavor. Not this, it's amazing. This is not a paid endorsement or collab, it is just that good. We rub it on our salmon, smoke the fish over some hickory and cherry wood until the fish reaches 145 (about 2 1/2 hours).

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