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Sweetheart Chacuterie and Cheese Heart

One of the great, yet unintentional, parts of our anniversary it how close it is to Valentines Day. It's not right on top of it since it is in January but hearts, flowers and sweetheart items abound everywhere. This year we had a wonderful sweetheart cheese "board" paired with some of our favorite wine to celebrate the day. This is a saved heart box from chocolates my dad gave my mom years ago. I normally keep various trinkets in it but it was quick enough to empty it out and line with wax paper to create this cute snack. Even better, you can just pop the top on for travel.

Only slightly food related, but don't you just love the rose in the corner? It is my last bloom of the season from my Ketchup and Mustard rose bush. I carry my love for all things food even to my flowers.

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