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Whole Egg Olive Oil Mayo

Homemade mayonnaise is just so easy to make. The great thing about whipping it up yourself is that you control how much flavor you want to impart. It's simple to add additional ingredients to create a delicious aioli. This recipe was created in a pinch when we needed some mayo but had none on hand. We never bought commercially made mayo again.

We prefer duck eggs, but not everyone is fortunate enough laying ducks in their backyard. Chicken eggs work just as well but will have a lower fat content.

INGREDIENTS 2 duck or chicken eggs, room temperature 1 T ground mustard 1 t salt 2 T seasoned rice vinegar 1.5 cups light olive oil

DIRECTIONS Mix eggs, mustard, salt, and rice vinegar in a blender on medium speed. Add the oil in while mixing in a slow stream. Refrigerate.

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