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Smoked Salmon Breakfast Roll Ups

Stop what you are doing and make this. You will not regret these salmon roll ups!

INGREDIENTS 1 tortilla 1 T cream cheese, softened Everything But the Bagel Seasoning, to taste 1 oz smoke salmon 1 slice red onion 1 T capers 1 egg (chicken or duck) olive oil to lightly coat pan

DIRECTIONS 1. Prepare tortilla by spreading cream cheese and sprinkling with seasoning, set aside. 2. Shred smoked salmon and separate slices of onion 3. Thoroughly whisk egg. 4. Heat skillet over medium heat, add small amount of olive oil. Pour in egg and swirl around to coat bottom of pan. Once egg starts setting, top with salmon, onion, and capers. Place tortilla on top and press down. Flip over and toast tortilla slightly. 5. Remove from pan, roll up, and devour!!!

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